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What is Pool Excavation?

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What is Pool Excavation?  Excavation is the process of moving earth, rock or other materials with tools, equipment or explosives. It includes earthwork, trenching, wall shafts, tunneling and underground.

With that being said, when you are done purchasing and customizing your dream in-ground pool, you cannot wait until the day you start to dig up your yard and begin the process.  It is truly the best, exciting day because your dream of building your pool is coming a reality.  And believe me, you will watch it take shape day by day.  Trenches and holes are also dug from the pool to where the filter equipment will sit, so you can begin plumbing your pool.

However, do your research so you can truly find the right excavation company to do the job because it definitely isn’t an easy one.   It is such an intense job so you definitely want to choose the best company to get it done right.   Yes, price is always a concern however you need to choose someone who knows how to dig and shape the pool perfectly.  A well qualified excavator can look at your design and know exactly what to do to make your dream a reality.   Always choose a company with experience and references. The better the company the more money it will cost.

Where Should You Find An Excavator?
Word of mouth is absolutely the best way to find an excavator.  Ask your friends who own a pool who they may have used for digging. Check small local newspapers for excavation work. Online google search for “Excavation Contractors, ” followed by your city and state.

What to Say When Doing Your Research
Invite them to the site so they can give you a price quote. Tell them you want only an experienced pool excavator who can get the job done.   Did you know taking care of the dirt is an

Pool Excavation

important factor.  What do you need to do with the dirt once they dig it up?  Do you want them to spread the dirt  over an are or do you want it in a pile next to the pool.  Also, they will probably ask you if you need a dump truck to haul off extra fill dirt which will cost an additional amount?

There is so much research to when getting an in-ground pool installed.  There will be so much dirt and you need to determine where it will all be going.  An experienced excavator will help you determine what you need to do with it all.   You’ll need about 20% of the dirt, for use backfilling the pool walls and pipe trenches. But the rest of it – could you make a small hillside, or add it to steep areas on the property? Use it for raised bed garden planters? If you can’t use it on the property, you can ask for a price to haul off extra dirt.

What Type of Excavation Equipment?
An experienced pool excavation company will know exactly what equipment will be needed.  Most pools are dug using an excavator or track hoe.

Do you Know What Happens When they Backfill Your Pool? 

After the pool is dug, the walls can be connected, floor work completed, pool liner installed and the pool can be filled with water. Once the plumbing is seen to be free of leaks, the pipe trenches are filled, and the space behind the pool walls is filled in. The same excavators return, a few days after they dug the pool, to backfill around the pool, and then I had them remove the extra dirt.

Free Fill Dirt: After looking at your yard the excavator can tell you if they are going to need fill removed from the site or not and if so should be able to tell you about how many loads will need to be removed. You will also need to find a place to bring it to. You can ask neighbors if they want some for their yards or find construction sites.

Do you Know the Cost of Digging a Pool?

Excavation costs can start at around $1000 depending on your local rates and backyard ground composition. Excavation includes the initial dig as well as backfill around the pool after it is built. Again, you will most likely end up with excess dirt after excavation. If you are unable to haul this dirt away yourself, this can add an additional expense starting at $300.

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