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Lap Pool

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Lap Pool

When searching for a pool that is highly tailored for lap swimming, a lap pool is the best option you can ever have. Unlike the others, it is a long, as well as narrow rectangular pool for you.

Everyone knows that swimming is an excellent source of exercise.  It works your muscles and also relaxes your mind.

There are many different designs when purchasing or choosing a lap pool to be build or installed in your yard.  A lap pool is a type of swimming pool where it is said to be large enough for one person only to swim laps. Usually, the lap shaped pool can accommodate two lanes but the most popular type of lap pools are one lane and restricted to being used by only one person at a time.  This type of pool is a great idea for those who have a smaller backyard.


Things to Know About Lap Pools

  • In-ground lap pools require expensive excavation with industrial backhoes
  • Partial or fully above-ground installations are more expensive due to the additional structural support required.
  • Lap pool installation, including excavation, routinely takes 3-5 weeks.

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