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Kidney Shaped In-Ground Pool

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Kidney Shaped In-Ground Pool



A kidney-shaped pool is like an oval pool. However, it has a slight bend. It also has a crook, which creates a good space for a hot tub, spa, a patio, landscaping, and much more.

One of the most popular and attractive designs feature kidney shaped swimming pools. The great popularity of this design is due to the fact that kidney shaped swimming pools fit perfectly in any kind of yard and in any environment.

Certain shapes better complement the surrounding landscape or structures.  By definition the kidney shaped swimming pools are described as “a general shape of a long oval indented at one side”. One of the reasons for being so popular is the more natural shape.  This design features a shallow end and a deep end.  Another reason for the popularity of the kidney shaped pool is that, a spa or waterfall can be added in the indented area which makes the appearance even more enjoyable.  However, landscaping add beautiful accents to the natural shape of the pool.  Simple things like that can add so much more attractiveness to your backyard.

Just like any other pool shape, kidney shaped in-ground swimming pools require maintenance and it is necessary to keep chemicals to reduce bacteria and algae growth. You should always discuss this with your pool company or builder when choosing or purchasing a pool. Covers for a kidney shaped in-ground pool are also very expensive.  There are various kidney shaped pool covers such as solar covers and rigid covers.  Safety nets, leaf covers, winter or shutdown covers generally need to be made as per the size of the pool and it is recommended to get a professional.





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