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Rectangle Shaped Pool

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Rectangle Shaped Pools

The rectangle shaped pool is one of the most popular and most common pool shapes available today. It is very simple in design being long, straight and narrow. It is certainly ideal when swimming laps. A rectangle with rounded corners is also a popular design that tends to tone down the formality.

Rectangular pools are perfect for a more sophisticated and formal space and often tend to work well with the existing settings.  This means no need to tear up your entire yard.  Plus, its easier to purchase a pool cover for those colder months.  Different shaped pools the covers tend to cost more money.

One great feature of rectangular pools is that they tend to have a lot of space for both swimming and kids to play.  These pools usually have steps or benches with an open corridor which makes it easy to swim and play.  Many rectangular pools also offer the amenity of depth. If you would like a diving board, deeper pools (8’ or deeper) are ideal so no one gets hurt. More shallow pools (around 5’) are great for playing games with all ages.

Although it is the most simple there are different types of rectangle shaped pools

Rectangle Shaped Pools -Here are just a few:

  • Elegance – This shape has a large swimming corridor perfect for swimming laps and bench seat.
  • Reflection – This is a standard rectangular shape with a large swim corridor, full-length bench seat, and the option to have an auto cover.
  • Harmony – Smaller and more shallow rectangular pool, but still offers plenty of space and a full-length bench seat.
  • Pinnacle – Has ample space, deep end seats, and a splash deck that is perfect for small children or sunbathing.
  • Ultimate – Deluxe rectangular pool. It has the standard features, but also has a built-in spa and splash deck.
  • Icon – Just like the Ultimate it also has a deep depth of 8’, meaning it is deep enough to have a diving board.
  • Palladium Plunge – In many areas, space for a pool can be limited. The Palladium Plunge is the perfect pool for small spaces. Whether using it to cool off in warm weather, or adding a swim jet system for training, this plunge pool offers many options.



Prices for Rectangular In-ground Pools Range:
Rectangle  2′ radius corners

12′ x 24′       $13,900
14′ x 28′       $15,600
16′  x  32′     $17,400
18′  x  36′     $19,600
20′  x  40′     $21,900
24′ x  44′      $24,800

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